Community Review: Assassin's Creed 3

It's been a long, long time since anyone had reason to chat about Assassin's Creed 3. But with the game's remaster dropping last week, it's a perfect opportunity to revisit the USA.

Assassin's Creed has come so far, mechanically, technically and narratively, so it's fascinating to step back and look at how everything was structured. My memories of Connor's adventure were very similar to Luke and Kirk back in the day: I found the game to be a narrative mess, lacking the centralised vision and strong narrative arc that tied all of the wallrunning and assassinations together. That was back when I was still very much about what was happening with Abstergo, mind you.

Still, the game was in dire need of an editor. I'd never thought that an Assassin's Creed game would take cues from some of the worst Final Fantasy games. And that's not getting into the fact that Connor is unlikable throughout the majority of the game, and there wasn't a good enough foil to balance him out until you got to the ending.

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Stephen loved AC3 despite its flaws; it was really about all the different things the game was trying to do. The Homestead was a great example. Instead of being the representative for the Brotherhood and effectively an agent for yourself the entirety of the game, AC3 put you more in charge of a community, making you more responsible for their welfare and survival.

We see that a lot more in games now. My kicker was that the payoff wasn't enough - ultimately the stories have to be intriguing enough, or the incentive strong enough to justify the time I'm spending outside of the main quest.

But it's always worth remembering that one project can lead people onto something new. And as a result of everything AC3 tried, it was the chief reason we got Black Flag down the road, and the naval mechanics that have been a staple of the series ever since.

Assassin's Creed has also gone on to solve its other major problem since AC3 - that the series was designed for urban environments, and not really workable in landscapes or more open areas. Odyssey and Origins have figured that problem out by now.

What are your memories of Assassin's Creed 3, and have you checked out the remaster since it dropped last week?


    I've been replaying AC3:Remastered and Odyssey at the same time. I quite love how they've done AC3:R, it looks great. However, going back to it makes something incredibly apparent: The controls, most of them anyhow, are utterly horrendous in comparison to where we've gone these days. At first with Odyssey I was of the opinion "Let's go back to the original scheme!" however now? I really, REALLY prefer Odyssey's control scheme to the point, I kind of wish the AC3 remake had of included that instead. I think it's a great redo, with the enhanced bow aiming mechanic, which improves the game out of sight, but damn I wish they had of done that too with the controls :)

    But otherwise, I mean, I hated AC3 when it first came out and the fact is, I didn't give it a chance. Now I am and I'm realising how wrong I was. Mostly.

      There was a ton of things that made the game great, just also had a lot of Ubi issues as well.
      I really enjoyed the game, the setting and most of the story for what it was.

      It was also the first and only time I was able to use the 3D option on my TV and while it wasn't amazing, it definetly added depth and a sense of moving about a 3D world.
      Sadly that was about the time the tech died in the arse.
      Does it still have the 3D option?

        Not that I can see, I'm playing it on a pc monitor though, so I guess it might on console?

    I am really looking forward to trying out AC3:R on Switch as I think it'll be amazing to see a full AC game brought to life on the portable console. So unfortunately I'll be waiting a bit before getting to dive back into the US - but I am looking forward to seeing Desmond again and getting a decent modern-day storyline. Plus I miss the absolute brutality of Connor and his tomahawk.

    If Jason Schreier's indication is right and we're going to Viking mythology/timeline, I'm looking forward to seeing really brutal assassination/combat again!

      I'm just saying, it's pretty freaking brutal in Odyssey with the spear of Leonidas and the various weaponry you get...

      AC3: Liberation was pretty close to being a full AC game, and came out on the Vita. It's included in AC3:R, so you can make up your mind whether that counts on the Switch too...

        True!! I almost forgot about that - we're getting a two-for-one deal for the Switch which is even better! I never had a chance to play Liberation before, so I'm excited for that too :)

      Yeah as already mentioned, you might wanna check out Odyssey.
      While you can assassinate folks, your actually a warrior/merc with some brutal finishers that get pretty extreme.

        I've played Odyssey and Origins!! I love the combat in those games (particularly how well it plays), but Bayek and Kassandra/Alexios were both trained killers, and their mo-cap excellently shows the military way they move and fight.

        Contrast that with the raw brutality of a young Native Indian fighting to defend his homeland - I personally find Connor to have the most brutal combat style (although I totally agree some of Odyssey's kill animations are wayyyy more skull-jarring).

          I get ya though, the tomahawk just has that X factor that sets it apart from the swords and knives we are so used to in the series.
          Either going in or coming out, it's got that unique heft.

          I did find the Odyssey finishers a little overboard sometimes.
          If you jab a sword down to the heart from the neck they are already dead, dancing around an stabbing/slicing with the spear is just overkill at that stage.

    I really enjoyed AC3 when it was first released and I found the story to be engaging enough. I loved the dynamic of Haytham and Connor and being fully realised with Black Flag. Now that I'm playing it again I still feel the same way but I've noticed there to be some very dodgy voice acting from the npcs and the controls are horrendous but overall I'm enjoying my nostalgia trip

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