Don’t Come To Japan To Make Anime, Says Japanese Animator

Don’t Come To Japan To Make Anime, Says Japanese Animator
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Freelance character designer Terumi Nishii is a talent artist (see above) and has an impressive list of anime credits. She’s worked on Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable, among others. She has a lot experience and some frank advice.

Via Game New Flash, here is some real talk for those dreaming of moving to Japan and making anime.

So, yeah, don’t come to Japan to make anime.

¥80,000 is $1019.

Nishii added that the current production grind is causing major burnout.

And the whole business is not geared to make money for the artists.

Thomas Romain, a French-born animator working in Japan, recounted this:

It isn’t just long hours, but an industry that has yet to enter the 21st century.

Even if the situation was slightly better, it’s still hard for foreigners to become animators in Japan due to intrinsic problems, such as visas.

Nishii said she has been shifting away from anime to games.

Be sure to follow Nishii on Twitter because she’s one of the few Japanese animators publicly challenging how things have traditionally been done.


  • Was reading about how badly k-pop and j-pop artists are treated, perhaps the entertainment industries in Asian. countries are all pretty oppressive. I don’t know, just a guess.

  • I really don’t think this is a (wholly) bad thing; gone are the quality days of Ninja Scroll and Wicked City; it is not what it once was and has become less now like a niche market and there is sssooooo much to choose from nowadays and everybody wants a slice because it is being more now like a flavour of the month..

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