Escaped Chasm is a Free Game By Undertale Artist Temmie Chang

Escaped Chasm is a Free Game By Undertale Artist Temmie Chang

If you enjoyed Undertale, or its pseudo-spiritual successor Deltarune, you are probably aware of the work of artist Temmie Chang, who appears as a lovable self insert character found in both titles. Her memorable art in those games may be where many people first found her work, but now she’s releasing games of her own too.

Escaped Chasm is a free game, playable in around twenty minutes, developed in RPG Maker. The game follows a lonely girl, exploring a world she sees in her dreams, and is a really sweet game well worth playing through if you’ve got some free time. There are multiple endings available, and it seems like a really interesting first project.

Of note, the game also includes music composed by Undertale creator Toby Fox, and we all know his music is pretty great too. This is apparently a test project, with Temmie hoping to create larger or more ambitious projects in the future.

The game is available right now by clicking here. While the game is pay what you want, it’s well worth dropping a voluntary donation of a few quid on.


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