Final Fantasy 15 Director Is Working On A Paralympic Sports RPG

After leaving Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata founded a new studio JP Games. That company has since been working on a sports RPG based around the paralympics.

The game is an official collaboration with the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, with the official website saying the game is part of a broader strategy to get younger people engaged with the Paralympics.

As for the game itself, it's called The Pegasus Dream Tour. The site says it'll take place within Pegasus City, where players unlock abilities called "Xtra Power":

THE PEGASUS DREAM TOUR, which marks the first title to be released by JP GAMES, is a completely new sports role-playing game, where players participate in a virtual Paralympic Games that takes place inside a fantasy metropolis known as Pegasus City.

Here, players awaken their special abilities or “Xtra Power,” in an alternate Paralympics world dynamically rendered in ways that only video games can achieve. The makers are planning for the “Pegasus Dream Tour” to be accessible on various platforms, including smartphones.

The game, which will ship on "various platforms" including mobile, is due out next year.


    This is odd. I mean, if you're in a wheel chair and still have wings... I can't imagine it's gonna spawn a franchise with action figures, and I am foreseeing disturbing Rule 34 depcitions...

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