First Look At The New Dragon Quest Movie

There’s a new animated Dragon Quest movie headed to Japanese theatres in August, and the first full trailer for it has just been released.

If you are here for slime, you are in luck, friends.

No word on an international theatrical release, but you’d imagine we’ll at least be able to get a subtitled version when it hits blu-ray/streaming/digital sales.


    Looks like it's staying a lot more true to the source material than the Final Fantasy movie did.

    Well fark me. Even with ad blocker there at 15 rows of ads before you reach the comments. 15!

    Fun fact: The size of the video is 3 times smaller than the gif in the header. Maybe there's something to this mp4 format after all...

    Oh dang looks pretty cool, I like the animation style.

    So Square Enix is bringing us an animated Dragon Quest movie eh?
    Well that's good enough for me I'm sure some Dragon Quest fans will be happy when we get an international theatrical release sometime later this year.
    Keep it up Square Enix and I hope you bring us an animated Final Fantasy movie as well.

    Just give me a Yusha Yoshihiko movie instead! It's the definitive version of the universe in my book.

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