Gabe Newell's Likeness Is Still Selling Underwear In China

Several years ago, someone spotted Gabe Newell’s face on packaging for China’s “Long Dian” underwear. Now in 2019, his likeness is still being used.

Redditor ChggnNggts recently published a photo on r/pcmasterrace of packaging with Gabe Newell’s Photoshopped mug. The source photo the underwear maker is using isn’t current. 

According to Chinese site Sohu, these Long Dian drawers went on sale in 2015. They’ve been spotted since then on a semi-regular basis, with game fans in China and abroad puzzled and amused by the company’s decision to use the Valve founder’s face.

Image: NGA.CN

I wonder if Gabe knows...


    HAHA I could see it:
    Gabe PA: "Sir, they are using your image to sell underwear, without your permission"
    Gabe: "This is an outrage, I demand a cut. Show me this ..."
    Gabe PA: "Certainly, here is the offending item"
    Gabe looks at the name. LONG D .....
    Gabe: "I think we are good here"

    Last edited 06/04/19 10:13 pm

    I need to know where to buy this, All of my underwear needs to say "Long D"

    If it were "SHORTD" they'd probably have received a cease and desist by now.

    Why is this even an article? That's what I want to know. Like, how slow a day can you be having that this is be the best thing you can find? sigh....

    What about him would make anyone want to buy underwear? I look at him and want to diet.

    Has anyone made a joke about a takedown notice yet?

    Wonder if you get a refund if you aren’t happy with first few hours of wear?

    *wipes tears*

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