Game Of Thrones Fans React To Arya’s Bad-Assery

Game Of Thrones Fans React To Arya’s Bad-Assery

Last night on Game of Thrones, we learned just how badass Arya Stark is.

Arya! Stark! Killed! The Night King! She stabbed that motherfucker! She ended the war!

This week’s episode, “The Long Night,” was an incredibly tense affair. At several points, I had to look away from the screen because I just couldn’t handle it. Whose idea was it to score the entire episode with the sound of a ticking clock and a slowly ascending violin? My Ativan got a work-out, let me tell you.

At the end of the battle, there are a lot of corpses to clear and some political intrigue still underway. But the humans of Westeros have beaten the Night King and his zombie army, and they’ve got Arya Stark to thank for it. The internet has that congratulations well under way.

Even rapper T-Pain and Joe Dempsie, who plays Arya’s boo Gendry on the show, got into it a little on Twitter. At least, T-Pain wanted to make sure Arya got some good good after killing a zombie king.


  • Arya being a total fucking badass (check out her fight scene on the wall, totally awesome choreography), and Lyanna Mormont being a goddamned fucking beast to the end were the only redeeming features of that episode, talk about such a shittily shot clusterfuck.

    Also, Danny really needs to hire some better military commanders. Charging your calvary at the start of battle? Trebuchets being set up in front of your spontoon infantry? Wtfbbqmate?!?

    Also, burning pitch on the walls anyone?

    Anyway. Onto Cersei I guess.

    • Cavelry is useless standing still… it works best on a charge.
      The only alternative would have been for them to sweep the side, but when you’re completely surrounded that isn’t much of an option.

      • Would have been much better used to sweep when opposing are pressed against your spontoons.

        Of course calvary are useless standing still, but you still wouldn’t charge them first against all but the most depleted of armies due to their maneuverability advantage and the risk of phalanx formations organised in defence.

  • on one hand it was pretty awesome that scene… on the other, you have the leader of an unstoppable army who can raise the dead get owned in like a few seconds… which seems mildly anticlimactic after all the build up over the various seasons

    oh well I’ll judge it when the whole series finishes since they still haven’t explained who or what the NK is (if they do)

  • I’m having problems loading those tumbler embeds.
    It’s only showing the top of each one.. and the only click through on them is asking me to register for tumbler.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • Well I guess it’s nice Melisandra was eventually right about something, but really it makes no sense whatsoever in terms of story.

  • Feels a little weird that the existential threat that was such a major part of the shows overarching theme was stopped abruptly by one dude being stabbed. After all the build up it feels a tad underwhelming

  • I liked all her fighting scenes and the stealth escape scenes. But honestly not sure how i like it being her to finish the NK. She’s just been completely separate from everything for most of the show, just slowly building up a list of people to kill by hearing from afar who has wronged her family. To have her come back immediately before the ultimate fight of good vs evil and to then be the one that ends it feels a little off.

    I guess it would have been too simple and maybe a bit boring if jon had made it there and won in a sword fight with the NK.
    Could have had jon get there and look like he’s losing, then arya does the throwing knife trick she showed the episode earlier and just wings the NK allowing jon to finish him. Shows Arya being awesome and helping to save the day (or night, lol), but also lets jon be the one after all this buildup.

    Maybe its gonna be a complete switch, everyone thought jon would kill NK and Arya would get Cersei. Now Arya has killed the NK and jon is gonna kill cersei.

    • The Dragon Glass just allowed the wights to be killed (again), it wasn’t supposed to be some magic cure all solution – that was killing the Night King. That said the way they managed to create so many swords and arrowheads from the stuff in so little time was a bit ridiculous.

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