Here's Another 11 Minutes From Rage 2

We're not that far away from a neon-overdose of loot, and the latest batch of Rage 2 footage has some features worth checking out.

It's 11 minutes of gameplay through IGN's YouTube channel, and features more of the game's traversal mechanics, what looks like the final pass for RAGE 2's UI, a better idea of the game's open world, and a quick look at how vehicles are summoned, the in-game map, and more.

There's also a little mini-game that pops up whenever you die, allowing you to revive yourself with a certain amount of health provided you hit the face buttons in the correct order.

I'm a fan of the UI here, although I wouldn't be surprised if the constant colour switching bothered some people. It'll be interesting to see how far ahead in the game you have to get before you unlock enough abilities and guns to carve through lower-level mobs so easily.

RAGE 2 launches on May 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


    It's so completely unlike the first game, which while I enjoyed it, is probably a good thing.

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