Here's Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Reveal

Image: EA

The annual Star Wars celebrations are due to kick off over the weekend, and Respawn have a new game to show off. It's not a battle royale, it's built on the Unreal Engine, and it's not an FPS.

The reveal is timed for Sunday 0430-0530 AEST / 0400-0500 ACST / 0230-0330 AWST / 0630-0730 NZST, and it'll be streamed through the official EA Star Wars channel below.

Most importantly, it's a single-player focused game. The game also isn't using Frostbite, since as Jason noted, it was in development before Respawn was bought out by EA. (Respawn have also directly confirmed this on the official Star Wars sub-reddit.)

Should be good to see what comes of this. Set your alarms for Sunday morning; you can find the stream below.


    Mate if this is a create your own character, open world RPG I'm going to be a very happy nerd.

      Might even take from the "Force Unleashed" franchise and could be an action RPG. Only time can tell.

    Just because it's EA published doesn't mean it's going to be trash or full of micro transactions, not saying it won't but it might not.

      It's true. Look at Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Unraveled (even Unraveled 2). Good (recent-ish) games published by EA.

        Unfortunately, Unraveled are small projects that don't make a lot of money and Mirror's Edge fell victim to the "everything must be open world" obsession of EA a few years ago (also, it tanked). They're not going to teach EA that they make good money from being a good business.

    This is very interesting from a, "this game may consume 20% of my life if it turns out to be good" point of view.

    Hopefully EA is too busy counting Apex Legends revenue that theyvforget to cancel anothervStar Wars game :P

    Still a little disappointed with the overused setting (between ep 3 and 4) but very keen to see how it plays.

    If it controls anything like Titanfall or Apex it could be the most fun Star Wars game in a looooooong time :D

      KOTOR was a prime example of what you can do if you set a Star Wars game a long long time ago before the movies were made.

    I stayed up late this morning watching the movie panel and was rewarded with Stephen Colbert hosting. That was almost more satisfying than the panel itself. Please tell me they have him doing this one well?!

    Single player, no microtransactions AND published by EA.. Nope I don't believe it

    I don't get why everyone is so excited for this, wouldn't it be much more exciting if it was reworked to be an online live service multiplayer game with loot boxes?

    I don't think I can enjoy a game that doesn't ask me to store my credit card info.

      And it's on consoles, too. Do these people not have phones?

    please not 3rd person! please not 3rd person! Please at least have an option for first person! Please not another force unleased!

      That was going to be force unleashed, but I think with EA, unleased works better.

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