Here’s The Latest Avengers: Endgame Trailer

Here’s The Latest Avengers: Endgame Trailer
Image: IMDB

We’re three weeks away from the Avengers films finally wrapping up, so let’s see how Marvel wants to finish Thanos off.

I mean, presumably. Maybe Thanos wipes the floor with everyone and the whole Earth disappears into a black hole. Who knows. Either way, one final fight is coming and the Avengers crew – what’s left of them, anyway – is gearing up for it.

The latest trailer focuses on a lot of that finality – Stark patching things up with Captain America, the rest of the crew talking about what they owe.

Avengers: Endgame hits Australian theatres on April 24, a day before the UK and two days before the United States.


  • Films? I thought these were all computer games. Thanos doesn’t look like a movie character AT ALL.

    It only took 20 years but now movie studios can make a billion dollars from something that looks like a Saturday morning cartoon because audiences have become accustomed to being satisfied by garbage.

    I’m old and remember when we had good things.

    • Good things like Westerns, which were cheap to make because they didn’t need to worry about sets, or good things like ET, that relied on a badly made puppet? Most movies from your golden era were garbage as well. For the record, my favourite movies of all time aren’t effects flicks, but Great Escape, Butch and Sundance, The Sting, and Shawshank. But that doesn’t mean I go watch that style today.

      Want an example on why things changed, just look at the cinematic differences between The Terminator, and Terminator 2. Only a few years apart, there are lightyears difference in quality between the two.

      It means that movies made since no longer need to rely on tacky gimmicks to sell tickets, but have been able to use cheaper and more visually stimulating processes to entertain. If that’s not for you, there are plenty of other movies to watch, but the box office success of these movies mean the idea works.


        In 1982 alone these movies came out:
        Blade Runner
        E.T. The Extraterrestrial
        The Thing
        Fast Times at Ridgemont High
        First Blood
        Rocky III
        Conan the Barbarian
        The Dark Crystal
        The Beastmaster
        Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (I cried when Spock was dying)

        All that cinema glory!…

        • So did:

          Grease 2
          Death Wish 2
          Friday the 13th Part 3
          The Entity
          Halloween 3
          Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
          The Toy

          Do I need to go on? That’s just from the first page and a half I looked at.

          Oh, The Pirate Movie as well!!! Cant leave that off…

          Main point was that the standard of movies have gotten better. ET was a classic, no question of that, but it relied on a prop that couldn’t work today. We look at it through nostalgia, and accept the tackiness of the movie. And if they remade it, judge it unfairly against that.

          Outside the top few, the cinematic standard of the day dropped off quickly. You don’t see that today, with even mid level movies being visually good.

    • “I’m old and remember when we had good things.”

      Holy shit, did you type that with a straight face?

    • It is a bit spoiler-ish in that it shows that the Benatar gets back to Earth and the white suits are likely for the Quantum Realm, but we probably knew that already.

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