Lucasfilm Is Doing ‘Something’ With Knights Of The Old Republic

Lucasfilm Is Doing ‘Something’ With Knights Of The Old Republic
Image: Knights of the Old Republic

It’s not a new KOTOR game, but at least someone somewhere is being done with the classic Bioware IP.

Kathleen Kennedy, the president of LucasFilm, told MTV at the Star Wars Celebration that “something” was in development involving Knights of the Old Republic, the beloved Bioware RPG first released in 2004.

Kennedy was careful to stress, mind you, that nothing was concrete. “Right now I have no idea where things fall but we have to be careful that there is a cadence to Star Wars that doesn’t start to feel like too much.

The quote can be seen in the interview below, which contains other snippets about female directors working on Star Wars, what the studio might do in a post-Skywalker era, and when Palpatine entered the conversation.

There’s a few things to unpack here. Firstly, it doesn’t sound like this is a project that’s been greenlit. It might also not be a TV show or a movie; it could just be a spin-off product. The creators of Game of Thrones are working on a new Star Wars series, but Rian Johnson – a fan of KOTOR – has said he doesn’t think there’s enough meat there to warrant a full trilogy.

And then there’s the most critical element: the cadence of Star Wars. A lot of this stuff is heavily planned out in advance, and with how Rogue One and Solo panned out being so close to each other, it’s likely that Lucasfilm will want to keep their projects more spaced out to avoid movie fatigue. So even if Lucasfilm decides to give HK-47 and co. the big screen treatment, chances are it’ll be quite a while before any of it comes to fruition.

But look on the bright side! Lucasfilm are keen on doing a story thousands of years before the Empire came into existence. That’s real cool.

Then again, we might just be getting Pazzak cards.


    • I would seriously love a high quality set of pazaak cards. chances are though they’d just be really cheap quality stuff.

    • In before its straight up a mobile edition of Pazaak… which would be wired, given its basically just 21.

  • Rian Johnson – a fan of KOTOR – has said he doesn’t think there’s enough meat there to warrant a full trilogy.

    Literally what. KOTOR1 alone can be split into at least two parts [Quest for the Starmap/Revan revelation; Malak & Star Forge], KOTOR2 the same.

  • There’s not enough meat in KOTOR to warrant a full trilogy? The more I hear from Rian Johnson…

    • Yeah I’ve never been on the Rian Johnson hate train or anything (I didn’t mind TLJ, just think it wasn’t a good ‘part 2’) but that comment is the most stupid thing I’ve heard in a long time.

      We’ve had two KOTOR games and almost 10 years worth of ToR story and I still feel like they’ve barely scratched the surface on Old Republic stories.

      • screw it. they have two massive games. video games stories like that are easily 3-4 seasons of content alone. it’s mind boggling to think there isn’t enough meat. then there’s the other problem. if there isn’t enough for a trilogy then just. dont. make. a. trilogy. It’s like it doesn’t occur to the man that not every movie needs to spawn endless sequels.

        • Id like to see a show about the Jedi Madalorian war and lead it into the Jedi civil war.

          • I’d honestly like to see a series on the mandalorian war and how it changed Revan and Malak.

    • It’s a comment that smacks of an utter luck of imagination. The whole reason Bioware went with that period for the games was because there was so much more room to do whatever the hell you wanted to the galaxy and characters around that time.. Now with Disney being lords of canon and having the ability to retcon any part of the previous games/comics you want, who in their right mind thinks that’s scarce round for storytelling?

    • Easily three films in KOTOR alone, it was huge and has plenty that could be fleshed out to add to the universe.

  • I’m guess a visual novel to reintroduce KOTOR in the canon so that Disney can use the characters (like HK and Revan) in future Star Wars projects.

    • Parts of it are still in canon, Bane was in Clone Wars and both Rebels and TFA referenced the ancient Sith Empire. I won’t be happy until Revan is back in canon though :/

      • You can still consider almost everything pre-Battle of yavin as canon as none of it has been directly retconned yet.

  • A KOTOR mobile game is not what we want, but alas, a KOTOR mobile game is what we deserve.

  • The big problem with doing this, is that the latter games and comics doesn’t have an unique style to set it apart from the movies.
    It does have a subtle style difference noticeable to fans but not to casual film watchers.

    The early Dark Horse comics had an interesting gothic(can’t think of a better word to describe it) style to it that made it feel like a different time.

  • It wasn’t Rogue One and Solo being “so close” to each other that hurt either film.
    It was that Solo came out maybe 4 months after the least popular Star Wars film in recent memory.

  • “Right now I have no idea where things fall but we have to be careful that there is a cadence to Star Wars that doesn’t start to feel like too much.”
    I feel like past evidence has shown that unless you go “full warhammer” on the license, you’re not going to be in much danger of star wars burnout in the videogame world. Keep games coming out in different genres and to a certain standard and I’ll take them all.

  • Ah yes, still blaming the ‘cadence’ of TLJ and Solo… not the fact that TLJ was a garbage second act to a trilogy. Oh AND saying that Old Republic doesn’t have enough meat to warrant a trilogy…. LOL

    Disney continues to prove they have nfi what they are doing with this franchise.

  • It kinda annoys me that Disney basically killed the EU only so they could sell it back to us again, always knew it was gonna happen.

    Pretty excited to hear this though, they better be willing to see it through, you don’t bring up one of the best SW stories and then toss it away.

  • They’re lauching a TV show called the Mandalorian – it’s pictured in their preview for Disney+

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