Mario Odyssey, Breath Of The Wild Will Support Labo VR

Mario Odyssey, Breath Of The Wild Will Support Labo VR

Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will support the Labo VR Kit shortly after it launches this month, Nintendo said today.

The games will get free updates on April 25 that add virtual reality support, using Nintendo’s $60 Labo VR goggles, which launch April 20.

The VR support will be quite different between the two games. While Super Mario Odyssey will get a “bite-sized bonus experience” with a series of three mini-missions in which you collect coins and musical notes, it looks like Breath of the Wild is getting full-on VR support in the main game.

You’ll simply be able to turn on the VR Goggles in the options menu and explore all of Hyrule in VR. (Pre-rendered cut scenes won’t work in VR, it said.)


  • I saw that, but my first reaction was ‘but how do the goggles stay on your head?’ because all the marketing for the set so far has you holding it up to your face while something is attached to the back (see the elephant and gun looking one).

    • Given that (from the Labo announcement) it appears the Switch already has all the hardware required to support a VR experience, it feels like a no-brainer for them to release a plastic headset similar to the Gear. Slot the Switch in and away it goes: probably the easiest home-VR option yet.

  • I would be worried about the cardboard parts in contact with your face becoming sweaty or scratchy

  • 3rd person in VR is an odd choice.
    If they had a 1st person VR mode for BoTW, that would be awesome.

  • I agree with you darren I don’t know why Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of the Zelda Breath of the Wild are getting free updates to have VR support enabled right after the Nintendo Labo VR Kit launches on April 12.
    But why you want to view the gameplay of yourself playing Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild while holding the VR goggles on your face?
    I don’t think this makes any sense at all.
    Children are not going to go playing with cardboard with this VR headset this doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • Hang on, is that really VR, or just 3D? Zelda doesn’t look like it has any form of head tracking at all. Maybe Mario does, it’s hard to say, but Zelda looks like the camera is controlled with the thumbsticks.

    • Oh so it’s Labo Virtual Boy then 😛

      And here I am missing the 3DS’s stereoscopy…

  • But will DoAX: Scarlet have VR Labo support?

    I’m sure they could have some real fun with the cardboard craft with it.

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