Microsoft's Disc-Free Xbox One S Launches May 7 [Update]

Image: Microsoft

As rumoured for months, Microsoft has finally unveiled a discless version of the Xbox One S, termed the "Xbox One S All Digital Edition".

The console will be released on May 7, according to Kotaku alumni Keza MacDonald at The Guardian. It'll sell for $US249 or €199 internationally, making $299 a likely price point for the console in Australia. Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves and Minecraft will ship on the 1TB console, which will also come with a discounted Xbox Game Pass subscription to account for the lack of a disc drive.

Update 0950: Microsoft's local team has announced via press release that the Xbox One S All-Digital console will arrive "in Australia later this year". "We hope to share more details on local availability and pricing in the coming weeks," the company says.

"We’re not looking to push customers toward digital; it’s about meeting the needs of customers that are digital natives that prefer digital-based media," The Guardian quoted Microsoft's Jeff Gattis as saying.

The console, announced during Microsoft's Inside Xbox stream this morning, would also be priced around $US50 lower than the existing Xbox One S model during sale periods. It's not known what that looks like locally, but with Xbox One S bundles having dropped to $299 and further over the last year, it might mean we could expect a version of the console to be priced at closer to $200 around Black Friday or the holidays.

Of course, not having a disc also means Digital Console owners can't take advantage of older, cheaper titles at retail. They'll also miss out on Xbox One backward compatibility, unless those titles are made available digitally.

The company also announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this morning, a combination of the Xbox Live Gold multiplayer subscription and Xbox Game Pass for $15.95 a month.


    If someone is interested in this, the most important questions is the storage. will 1 TB cut it?

      about it. digital only consoles should be a min of 2TB.

      Can always plug in a USB later on if you fill up the 1Tb and don't want to delete anything.

        Been using a 2tb external HDD since we got one and still haven't filled it.

    Is it smaller? If it's not i just dont see the point of it?
    You can pick up Xbox One S's for as little as 199 so i cant see it being a price thing?

      Yeh I thought it would've been smaller and cheaper. Not quite sure what the point of this is. Aren't those 3 games on Game Pass anyway?

      The point is Microsoft pockets the savings on the drive and on the licensing payments and makes more money for themselves :)
      Also, MS as a games developer doesn't see any money from 2nd hand game sales, so this is another way they stop that revenue not coming to them.

      No. It's the same size just no ODD. Austin Evans did a video on it the other day with a tear down. Same internals, so they take up the same space , just removed the ODD..

      I still think it should have a 2TB drive, but eh..

      Last edited 20/04/19 10:24 am

    Xbox One SAD Edition. Have they just started taking the piss with their console names now?

      Lol, nice spot!!
      I didn't think it could get any better than Xbone when they wanted ppl to call it, "The One"

    Why would you want this? The Microsoft digital store is always more expensive than physical disks from retail stores.

    My xbone is 99% used for media, with the occasional bluray thrown in. They're gutting it of the one thing it had over the ps4 without even shrinking it.

    And at this point who is holding out on accessing those sweet xbox exclusives over the price?

    They should have replaced the CD Drive with something.
    Maybe more memory for digital-only users.

      Replace it with a VCR. For that old school backwards compatibility that nobody else is offering.

    This is what they always wanted. When the XBox was touted they wanted to get rid of so many features that gamers liked and only Sony's big PS4 reveal put a stop to it, forcing them to backtrack.
    Microsoft like to lock people into a service.

    We’re not looking to push customers toward digital; it’s about meeting the needs of customers that are digital natives that prefer digital-based media
    Oh, did the old one not have a HDD or something? I honestly don't see what 'needs' digital natives have that wasn't being met before but is with this... thing.

      The needs of the 'digital natives' to not have to repair it constantly. Not knowing what a disc drive was these natives had been mistaking it for a slimline toaster.

      'Twas a big ordeal for the repairs department... Shredded, moldy bread everywhere.

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