Modder Gets Custom Quests Working In The Witcher 3

Rmemr has created a set of tools called radish that allow for the creation of new, custom-made quests for The Witcher 3, something fans have been dying for since the game’s release back in 2015.

The good news is that the tools are up and ready for download! The bad news is that they’re pretty complicated, and rmemr needs help even getting them documented, so it might be a while before anyone has some solid quests to complement Geralt’s adventures.

This trailer he made to show his work off is very promising, though, as it not only shows off how the tools work, but show some examples of stuff he’s whipped up as examples:

You can download the tools here.


    Be great to see what the community can come up with quest wise, particularly those that can tie stuff into the books.

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