Moschino Is Releasing A Sims-Inspired Fashion Line And WTF At These Photos

Moschino Is Releasing A Sims-Inspired Fashion Line And WTF At These Photos
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The Sims 4 is collaborating with fashion giant Moschino for a line of Sims-inspired IRL clothing, and the photos they released for it are bugging me out.

Ever since irreverent fashion designer Jeremy Scott took over Moschino in 2013, it’s become a wonderland of bright colours, bold graphic prints, and the word “Moschino” in all caps. Scott has featured imagery from video games in his work before, so this collaboration makes basic sense to me.

It’s an array of the kind of clothing Scott is known for: there’s a lot of loud prints and novelty clothes, as well as some humour in the way he turns a T-shirt into a classic trench.

The touches from The Sims all make sense to me too, and I think the plumbob earrings are very cute. One item from the collection, the Freezer Bunny hoodie, will be released in The Sims 4 as well.

I just can’t get over this photo shoot. What in the fresh hell is this?

Image: The Sims 4,Image: Moschino

All of the pictures are real-life models inserted into Sims environments. I can feel my eyes going in and out of focus whenever I look at these pictures, like my brain is trying to figure out how this is all real.

Image: The Sims 4,Image: Moschino

I keep imagining what they told these models. “Here, put your hands just above your crotch and look confusedly at your shoes. You there, take this log. No don’t do anything with it, just casually hold it.”

It’s the clubbing scene that really makes me laugh, though.

Image: The Sims 4,Image: Moschino

It looks like these are aliens that heard about the human concept of dancing through a third party and then were asked to recreate it. That, or they’re both holding something really tiny.

Still, the bizarreness of this photoshoot is par for the course for Moschino, and whimsy has been part of The Sims ever since the first game and its viruses spread by guinea pigs. If you’re eager to get your hands on this collection, it launches online and in stores on April 14.

I’m waiting for someone to make custom content from these designs. Let’s see if I can’t make this photoshoot look a little more natural with my Sims.


  • I see how these clothes are generally video game inspired, but I don’t see how they’re directly Sims inspired.
    Also, they just look ugly.

  • I thought “that’s hideous”, then I looked up the other things they’ve come up with and realised that it’s the least hideous thing they’ve created.

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