My First Captures On The Switch, PS4 And Xbox One

My First Captures On The Switch, PS4 And Xbox One

I’ve spent a lot of time this console generation honing my screenshot-taking reflexes, and now my Switch, PS4 and Xbox One are full of pictures and videos I’ve captured. But what did I capture first?

On my Switch, it was Link in his 100-year underwear, just waking up at the start of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That’s the first image in my Switch’s screenshot folder.

On my PS4, it’s a shot of my favourite launch game for that system, Housemarque’s 2013 arcade-style shoot-em-up Resogun. That’s technically the second shot in my system’s Capture Gallery, right after a shot that was automatically captured when I earned a trophy while playing the 2016 game 100Ft. Robot Golf. I’m not sure why that jumped the queue, but I’m sure the image I took of Resogun came first.

It was a cheeky clip that I took in light of the idea that that game didn’t feature playable female characters, except that if you used the ability to adopt the look of any nearby non-player character, you briefly could run around in the game as a woman. I had captured a clip as proof of this, and it appears to be the first thing I pulled directly onto the system. I’m guessing I had used an external capture device like Game Capture HD to grab shots and videos from games in the system’s first year.

Surely I’ve got a trove of Ryse screenshots somewhere, right?


  • Huh. I don’t play my Xbox, so that one aside, my first for the Switch was of course Breath of the Wild, the first moment where the logo pops up and you see how far the world goes – not surprising.

    PS4, my first-first was a trophy screenshot for playing a game on my Pip-Boy in Fallout 4, but the first I took for myself was a lonely wasteland shot. Must have thought it looked pretty. (it uh… it didn’t.)

  • Sadly I lost all my screenshots from my original PS4 after doing an Initialization before trading it in for my PS4 Pro. I originally thought they were saved online but obviously I was wrong, still pissed at losing all my Warframe and Destiny screenshots.

    Last year my PS4 Pro shit itself and I lost everything again, but I could care less at that point. Though it’s not a screenshot here’s the earliest capture I have remaining
    which I uploaded to show a friend.

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