Netflix's Cute Stop-Motion Animation Points Out That Rilakkuma Is Wearing A Kirugumi Onesie

Screenshot: (C)2019 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

The Netflix stop-motion animation Rilakkuma and Kaoru is about the daily life of a young woman and her lazy roommate. The character Rilakkuma means “relaxing bear,” and everyone thought it was, well, just a bear. In this show, apparently, it’s not.

Screenshot: (C)2019 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

As the clip, via Anime Anime, points out, Rilakkuma is actually someone in a kirugumi onesie.

While Rilakkuma’s character design does have a zipper in the back, I never thought it was a real zipper that could be unzipped, allowing Rilakkuma to remove its cosy hide.

I was under the notion that Rilakkuma was a bear or bear-like creature. In Rilakkuma and Kaoru, I guess it’s not!

Look, there’s a whole closet of Rilakkuma onesies.

Screenshot: (C)2019 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

We don’t know who is inside the kigurumi, but do know that person doesn’t sleep in the suit.

Screenshot: (C)2019 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


OK. I’m assuming whoever is in the Rilakkuma kigurumi can remove the head? Or does the person sleep in the Rilakkuma head? But then how do its eyes blink and move?

First, there were claims that Hello Kitty wasn’t a cat, and now this! The hell?


    I think most people these days see Rilakkuma as a product that exist to sell stationary and toys but originally it had a bunch of picture books and its kigurumi status was established back then (zippers and everything shown in the netflx trailer).

    This has always been the central mystery of the majestic Rilakkuma.

    It's just a slightly smaller, but otherwise identical bear who wears his own replica.

    C'mon, this has been a staple of cartoons since almost when they were created. He's a bear, his bear head is real, but body fur is a suit. Underneath he'd be pink and prickly (like a shaved dog) and maybe wears polka dot undies.

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