No Man's Sky Player Builds Gorgeous Notre-Dame Tribute

Screenshot: 258100

After much of the Notre-Dame cathedral was lost in a fire, one No Man’s Sky player has recreated the Parisian landmark in the far reaches of space.

Earlier this week, Notre-Dame caught fire. While some aspects of the historic cathedral were saved, such as the historic stained glass rose window, the damage to this over 600-year-old building is extreme. As the main spire fell into the blaze, I knew that something historically and culturally significant had been changed, and that it would need an enormous number of expensive repairs.

While it’s already possible to visit a virtual Notre-Dame in Assassin’s Creed Unity, one No Man’s Sky player took their virtual homage to the cathedral a step further by rebuilding it, in space.

Image: 258100

Reddit user 258100 has made some ambitious builds before, such as this replica of the castle from Super Mario 64, and he told Kotaku over Reddit private messages that after this week’s fire, the obvious choice for his next build was Notre-Dame.

“A lot of my projects revolve around recreating landmarks from games and real life so it just seemed like the perfect fit,” 258100 said.

The build took him around five hours, with the help of a mod that allows players to manipulate building parts in the 3D modelling program Blender, and then import that into the game.

Currently, this build is just the building’s facade, as the limit for base building in No Man’s Sky is 2000 pieces. 258100 said on Reddit that if the limit ever increases, he’ll add to the structure.

It may not be a one-to-one recreation, like the lavishly detailed version of the cathedral in Assassin’s Creed Unity, but the way that the sun filters through the towers above that famous rose window almost captures the beauty it had in real life.

If you want to visit it, 258100 has provided coordinates and some more pictures in this Imgur album. While I anxiously await news of renovations to Notre-Dame, at least I can make a pilgrimage to a version of it on an alien planet.


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