Of Course There’s A Gaming Batchair

Of Course There’s A Gaming Batchair

Given that it’s in the name, it’s not that surprising that Singaporean gaming chair makers Secretlab would make a chair about a bloke with an actual secret lab.

It’s a tie-in for Batman’s 80th anniversary, transferring Batman’s embroided logo onto an all-black version of the Titan and Omega. It’s about as on-brand as you can get for a marketing stunt, and fortunately, it’s not at a huge premium: the Batman edition is only $30 more than the base Omega or Titan chairs.

Secretlab Omega Stealth Review: Gaming In Comfort

I'll let you in on a little secret: the best gaming chair I've ever had has always been a second-hand affair. My latest purchase was a furnished offering from a local retailer, and before that I had a full-sized, comfy armchair acquired from a warehouse sale. But part of the reason why I dug around for second-hand offerings at all was because good gaming chairs were hard to find. That's not the case now, with good gaming chairs available at major retailers around Australia. And a new Singaporean brand is now trying to make waves in Australia: Secretlab.

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More info on the Titan and Omega Batman editions can be found on the official website.

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