Official Naruto Ramen Restaurant Is Now Opened

Image: 一楽拉面

Naruto’s favourite noodle joint is Ramen Ichiraku. There is now a licensed one in Shanghai, filled with Naruto stuff and serving up ramen. It’s the first official Naruto ramen restaurant in the world.

The in-manga and in-anime counterpart is based on a real place called Ichiraku Ramen in Fukuoka where it’s said Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto frequented in college (below).

You could also eat Naruto ramen at J-World Tokyo, when it was open. However, this Ichiraku Ramen is different—it’s a full-on restaurant, serving ramen and filled with Naruto stuff.

The licensed Naruto-inspired Ichiraku Ramen opened its doors this past February at the Global Harbour shopping mall in Shanghai, with fans lining up for hot, delicious noodles.

Image: Clife

Have a look at more photos below!

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