Old Consoles Are Murderous Death Machines

Ah yes, the Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation, machines we remember best for their ability to *checks notes* fire devastating plasma beams and railgun blasts out of their arms.

These are the work of artist Gerald Gordge, and you can see more of his stuff at his personal site.


    While my hat goes off to anyone who can draw anything..

    Why is the xbox more streamlined and thinner (look at the legs) than the Playstation when the OG Xbox was renowned for being so big. chunky and 'American'? If he wanted to capture their essence, the xbox should've had giant tank wheels for legs... and 4 arms..


      Also a missed opportunity to make the N64 one a three legged mech, to pay homage to the strange and only once-before-seen three pronged controller. The idea the artist had is still fantastic.

        Or a bipedal character with a big dangly appendage

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