People Are Using Dreams To Remake Mirror’s Edge, Quake, Tomb Raider

People Are Using Dreams To Remake Mirror’s Edge, Quake, Tomb Raider
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If you’ve had trouble getting to grips with precisely what Dreams is, you’re not alone. So here’s a helpful indication of what to expect: People are using Dreams to remake their favourite games, including Mirror’s Edge and Tomb Raider.

Footage of the test level, which looks a little what you imagine a prototype Mirror’s Edge would have looked like, has started appearing online.

Titled Wall-Jump and Wall-Climb FPS and made by Adayam0, it’s incredibly basic for now. But it highlights just the kind of scope Dreams is capable of achieving.

The same maker found a way to basically remake Quake, albeit with some neater physics, in Dreams as well.

Can you imagine how cool a Quake would be with more destructible levels? Holy shit, sign me up.

But it’s not just classic first-person shooters that are getting a second lease of life in Dreams. If you look for Se-mi92 in-game, you’ll discover a remake of Tomb Raider.

It’s even got a title screen and an opening intro.

And, because why the fuck not, someone remade the car scene from Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse:

Dreams might actually be YouTube, but for video games.


  • Might’ve helped to actually give us some indication of what Dreams is though.

    Seems to be the next game from Media Molecule, the folks begin Little Big Planet.
    That explains a lot of what I’m looking at/reading.

    • It’s basically a powerful creative toolset. The rest is up to the users. I’m keen to use it for creating 3D printed gaming terrain etc (you can export creations).

      • If MM are behind it I’m not surprised, LBP was powerful enough on its own, I’m pretty keen myself.

  • Yawn. I head someone say that instead of playing these half-baked ‘remakes’ in Dreams you could just play the original game. He’s not wrong.

    What I’m interested in seeing is original content with proper progression and narrative – not just ‘remakes’ or tech demos. I won’t hold my breath. In LittleBigPlanet that stuff was a tiny minority.

    • I loved that LBP had a developer pick section that actually showcased some of the more impressive stuff, not just stuff the popular stuff.
      I remember somebody built a working tic-tac-toe game that even the devs were blown away by, couldn’t even figure out how they did it either.

      Given the history I’m interested to see what folks can actually do beyond all this stuff.

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