Horizon: Zero Dawn it was. Some people got it through the anagram, but Trikeabout spotted the game first through the old-fashioned HUD icon.

Nicely done. Now, what to do for today's game...

Good luck :)


    It's Monkey Island as derrick guessed, but I'm guessing Grim Fandango instead because I want to remind people how great that game was.

      Even better in the chicken shop in Puerto Pollo there is the dead guy with the badge "Ask me about Grim Fandango"

      Last edited 08/04/19 4:46 pm

    It's always too easy to Google the answer when you use words.

    See, without Googling I was gonna go Guacamelee! because of the pollo (Chicken) reference so while I might be wrong, I feel like I’ve earned myself some ego-stroking internet points for the day.

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