So, nobody got yesterday's game. And you're going to hate me when you find out what it is after the jump.

The "game" was actually an Australian TV game show, one that incorporated video games throughout. Of course, I'm talking about A*MAZING (the numbers were taken from when kids did the maze run, and the words were taken from the player introduction profiles.

Bit cheeky, but you can't blame me for mixing it up. Good luck with today's game!


    Hollow Knight

    side note: what an amazing game! I wish, like most metroidvanias, I could play it again for the first time. You only get that sense of wonder and exploration first time through unfortunately. Anyways I am already ridiculously hyped for Silk Song. It's gonna be amazing.

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    hollow knight

    I should be shot for not knowing that!

    Full disclosure, the above sentence is not an invite.

    H-hollow.. knight? I feel like I'm missing something, seems too obvious?

    Well I think "myself" is not who I'll be kicking now I know the answer. ^_-
    Although it has got me wondering, is the "A*" in the show's name a sneaky nod to the A* path finding algorithm? Kind of a relevant and clever pun for a show about mazes and video games.

      While that would be excellent, I think it was more likely just a way to split the A from the Mazeing, to make the "maze" pun more clear. But, then, why the asterisk? Maybe you're on to something.

    Clever girl. How no-one has thought about bringing Amazing back in some form using the Switch is beyond me.

    There was a less obvious Hollow Knight ScribbleTaku done a few months back. Is this another game with a very similar art design?

    James Sherry, huh? Now known as "that lucky bastard who gets to hang out on the field every day of every Australian test match (and maybe ODIs as well?)"

    I'm gonna say Hungry Knight given everyone else has gone with the more obvious Hollow Knight.

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