Sekiro Mod Unlocks Frame Rate, Adds FOV Slider, Custom Resolutions

Sekiro Mod Unlocks Frame Rate, Adds FOV Slider, Custom Resolutions

Praise the (modding) sun.

FromSoftware games always have an interesting life on PC. They’re released, the community grumbles about a lack of basic features on PC, and then eventually a modder fixes it all two or three weeks after release. Sekiro is no different: The game launched without a borderless fullscreen mode, the frame rate was locked to 60, there was no support for ultrawide resolutions, or support for high refresh rate monitors.

Sekiro FPS Unlock and More fixes all that.

The patcher, which you have to launch every time before playing Sekiro, enables custom frame rate locks, borderless windowed mode, support for G-SYNC and Freesync in all windowed/borderless/fullscreen modes, and the ability to adjust the game and player speed. The latter is kind of interesting, if only because you can control those sliders independently. If you were finding Sekiro too hard, you could speed the player up (or enemies down). Alternatively, you could just double the speed of the whole game.

If you really want to be a masochist, you can even check an option that logs all kills and deaths to a text file, which you can then add as an overlay in OBS or Xsplit:

Sekiro Mod Unlocks Frame Rate, Adds FOV Slider, Custom ResolutionsImage: Sekiro FPS Unlock Mod

More details on the mod can be found here.


      • The speedrun community would like to have a word with you.

        It’s especially harmful if transparency of this mod running in the background isn’t immediately apparent in game. Might be, so I’m shooting in the dark (souls har har) here, but if so, that’s no good.

        • The speedrunning community run plenty of games that have external cheat programs available for them that don’t have like watermarks or anything, such as basically every single game released since the mid-90s. Type ‘[GAME NAME] trainer’ into google and you’ll immediately find them for pretty much any game.

          This has had almost no effect on the speedrunning community because it’s still going to obvious to people who know the game when something is off.

          It really doesn’t matter.

          • And thats the reason I don’t have respect for the majority of the speedrunning community.

            “Oh, I beat this 60 hour RPG in 20 minutes”


            “Console commands!”

            Unless you play through properly, without console commands, cheat codes, mods, trainers, or dev room shenanighans, your run is worth nothing and shouldn’t be counted at all, and be consigned to be same Wall of Shame as someone cheating at Kong.

            One of the other ludicrious ones was where they were doing a speedrunning event and everyone agreed to use the same cheats, because they didn’t want to handle the RNG in the game itself.

          • Sounds like a crazy generalization to me, what event are you specifically talking about?

          • It was in a Kotaku article I believe, a couple of years back, during the time when every other article seemed to be able speedrunning. I’m having trouble finding the article but the gist of it was that it was one of those speedrunning competitions, and I believe it was a Final Fantasy game. There was some overpowered setup involving obtaining certain items, but getting the items involved RNG drops within the game.

            They didn’t think it was ‘fair’ that someone might luck out and score the items through the game’s RNG while others might spend any deal of time farming and maybe not get them, so they used a trainer to give everyone the items to start off with.

            I’m having trouble finding the article but it was one of those moments where I sat there and went ‘Wait? What?’ along with the person finishing New Vegas in a few minutes using console commands.

          • So it was a specific case and maybe writing off the “majority of the speedrunning community” is indeed a crazy generalization.

  • Sweet, I can fill my UW screen now. Pretty ordinary support for resolutions in this day and age!

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