'Skyrim Grandma' Will Be An NPC In The Elder Scrolls 6

Shirley Curry, the 82-year-old grandmother and YouTuber known for her Skyrim videos, will make an appearance in The Elder Scrolls 6. Bethesda will use photogrammetry technology to scan the legendary Skyrim enthusiast and add her to the game.

Bethesda revealed new information about the technology behind The Elder Scrolls 6 today at PAX East during the Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary Panel.

In a video about the series, the company explained their planned use of photogrammetry technology, which can take scans of real-life objects and translate them into high detail 3D. This will be used for the game’s environments, and similar scanning technology will be used to add “Grandma Shirley” to the game as a character.

“This means a lot to me,” Curry says in the video. “Because I would be extremely happy to know that somebody else was playing with my character in a future Elder Scrolls game.”

Curry boasts 483,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she posts Let’s Plays of Skyrim and speaks to her viewers through vlogs. Curry confirmed her addition to The Elder Scrolls 6 on Twitter, where she also showed off a T-shirt she received visiting Bethesda’s studios, saying:

“Well, since they made the announcement today about me, as a character in the next TES game ...I can show my favourite thing I brought away with me!!!”

It’s a pretty nice T-shirt.

We don’t really know much about when The Elder Scrolls 6 will release, but eagle-eyed fans will have to look out for Curry, whose specific role is also unknown. She might end up as a tough bandit, but I’m guessing that she’s a friendly adventurer with sagely wisdom to impart.


    I saw photogrammetry and thought no way.

    Surely the creative engine wouldn't be capable of rendering high-quality stuff. lol.

    No, don't do the kindly old woman thing, have her block a Giants stomp and then uppercut it through a mountain.

    People might be meeting her in game long after she has passed away in real life; what an amazing world we live in.

      When a game makes this a feature for all players, I think we'll see a big influx of players.

    I’m guessing that she’s a friendly adventurer with sagely wisdom to impart
    Now I'm expecting to see her wandering around with M'aiq...

    I’m going to kill her, in game.

    “We used all this fancy technical Mumbo jumbo... and decided to make her a Khajiit instead.”

    with the way things have been going with zenimax, in b4 they somehow paywall her.

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