Smash Bros. Update Goes Live, Penis Stages Immediately Erected

Screenshot edited by Kotaku (Image: UnskilledJohn)

The latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had a bumpy rollout, with it hard for players unable to download and connect. However, once they could, some of them did the inevitable. They drew dicks.

Note: For some readers, this article might be NSFW.

Included in the 3.0 update is a stage builder, allowing players to create and share their own creations.

The dicks were bound to happen. They always are!

Shouldn’t this kind of stuff be yanked?

Others were not messing around.

OK, this person was.



    I'm happy to say I got over doing that kind of stuff before I started Primary school. It seems that some never reached that level of maturity.

      if that is true i think you wasted your primary school years somewhat, but your right some people will still finds dicks amusing no matter what.

      Not my cup of tea, but also nothing to do with 'maturity' as you see it, and everything to do with what someone finds funny. They're two separate things, as any intelligent person could see. Plus, although uncut penises are more beautiful than funny, if you can't see the inherent silliness in something as jiggly, floppy and squishy as a penis and balls hanging off a human body, I can't help you.

    This is my surprised face.
    am utterly shocked that a design it yourself that goes out to all players would have phallic objects in it.
    How could have ever see it coming? (that's what she said).

    Reminds me of when you could share your creations in Spore, and people were surprised that 50% of the ones shared were some variations on dick and boob creatures

      Oh man, a former gf of mine was never really into gaming much, but was obsessed with 2 things. Character creator screens (she spent hours on Fallout 3 and Oblivion just making freaks) and making dick monsters in spore! Endless unplayed saves of increasingly complex penis shaped critters. She was an odd duck, but she knew what she liked!

    Shouldn’t this kind of stuff be yanked?
    Joke of the day.

    I just read an article on Eurogamer and apparently submitting inappropriate or offensive content in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Stage Builder can cause you to face penalties and have your My Nintendo account shut down.
    You have been warned people Nintendo is out to get you and if you post any inappropriate or offensive content in Stage Builder your account will not only be shut down you will also have to face the consequences and that is getting hit with severe penalties.
    What do you think of that people?
    Any inappropriate content you post on Stage Builder and Nintendo is going to throw the book at you fair and square.

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