The Old Republic Is Still Getting Expansions

Jedi: Fallen Order might have captured a ton of attention for being a story-focused Star Wars game over the weekend, but it’s not the only Star Wars title with fresh content. The Old Republic, which launched just before Christmas in 2011, is getting its seventh expansion.

Onslaught, announced during the Star Wars celebrations in Chicago over the weekend, is the first expansion for Bioware’s ongoing MMO since Knights of the Eternal Throne launched in 2016. A free release for all subscribers, Onslaught will add the Nautolans and their long head tentacles as a playable race.

It’ll take place on two planets – Mek-sha and Onderon – while boosting the level cap to 75. A new flashpoint and operation will be introduced on Corellia and Dxun respectively, while Tactical items will give players abilities and playstyles that can be swapped out by switching out items. The item sets will also be available however players prefer to earn their gear: Crafting, Galactic Command, PvP or PvE gameplay.

The Onslaught expansion will launch sometime this September. More specifics are here on the official blog post, with more details to be announced closer to launch.

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