Sunday Comics: What A Freak

Hello! It’s time for Kotaku’s Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics.

Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich. Published April 8. Read more of Awkward Zombie.

Corpse Run by Alex Di Stasi. Published April 11. Read more of Corpse Run 

Clueless Hero by Luis Lee and Ana Gaby Perez. Published April 8. Read more of Clueless Hero

Double XP by M.S. Corley and Josh Crandall. Published April 10. Read more of Double XP.

The GaMERCaT by Samantha Whitten. Published April 8. Read more of theGaMERCaT.

Life in Aggro by Fei Hsiao and Cecilia Vasquez. Published on April 13. Read more of Life in Aggro.

Nerf NOW!! by Josué Pereira. Published April 11. Read more of Nerf NOW!!

Penny Arcade by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. Published April 12. Read more of Penny Arcade.


    Come on, Kotaku... you've even got pop-up ads on each individual comic strip!?! Making it very hard to navigate and read the content.

      Yeah, this is straight up bullshit now

      Ohh wow, just turned off uBlock Origin to see what you meant, that's harsh

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