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    Jailbroke my old phat ps3 this week.

    Not only is it now great for playing my old PS2 and PS1 games, its also a great emulation machine.

    Highly recommend it to anyone with an old PS3 they don't use anymore.

      Interesting, sound like a good Easter break project ...
      Is there a particular method you used? A quick google shows a firmware update that can be downloaded and installed.

    Big week for me personally. After tomorrow, I'll be without a job for the first time since the 1980's. Well, I guess technically 1990, but I had the job before that, just hadn't started it yet.

    Redundancy finally kicks in, but it allows me to get into my super so in effect I get to retire. At 48 :) Before someone says something, yes you can get into some Super funds before normal retirement age. Just not most of them.

    Will finally give me a chance to start working through the Pile of Shame.

      Best of luck to you, mate.

      I had to quit my job a few weeks back now and get to be a stay at home dad, wish I could retire early that's for sure.

    I don't know if many people here will care but I was sad to find out Tetris Friends is shutting down 31 May this year, in fact, the whole Tetris Online Company is shutting down.

    There's rumours that for the 35th anniversary they'll be releasing something new to replace it but nothing confirmed.

    I had a lot of good times playing on TF and I get that flash itself isn't going to be available in chrome from 2020 onwards so I get why it's all happening, but still, sad.

      Is there a reason this is still in moderation? Because there's still more to this story.

      Apparently for their 35th anniversary they're doing a team up with Hello Kitty to release a tetris game, which just seems really strange

    So, NBN weren't playing an April Fool's joke. After 6 build delays over 3-4 years, the tech shows up 30 minutes after the 1-5pm appointment window that I took the day off work for... and hooked me up in 15 minutes. 45 down, 19 up, on a 50 plan. Woo!

      Ooooo! What method?

        HFC. Seems pretty good thus far, and a huge step up from my 12Mbps ADSL.

    I don't know if anyone else is interested, but Baroque Decay's new game, Yuppie Psycho, comes out next week (25th). I was keeping tabs on it for a while after seeing an article about it on here back in 2016, but there was never seemed to be news and so it slipped from my mind. It just popped into my mind tonight for some reason so I searched to see if news and bam.

    @transientmind Did I stumble across you in Division 2 earlier?

      Yeah! I wondered if that was you! I just popped into the DZ to do the weekly challenges and not knowing what I was doing, interacted with one of those wall-doot-thingeys that flag you for PVP. (Which is 100% not why I'm there.)

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