The AAF May Be Dead, But Its Spirit Will Live Forever In Sports Video Games

In the real world the Alliance of American Football, a trainwreck of a league that was shut down before it could even complete its first season, will never have a champion. But a mod for a PC game can let the truly dedicated/curious try to decide one anyway.

Axis Football, which I very much did not like in 2015, is looking a lot nicer in 2019, and this mod by redmondorbit adds the entire league to the indie sports game, from uniforms to logos to player portraits. That includes teams such as the Memphis Express, and players such as Johnny Manziel.

This particular (and tragic) strain of enthusiasm is one of the things I love most about sports games; from stadium names to badge colours, if a developer has ever failed to get something absolutely and 100 per cent right (or worse, has left something out entirely), you can bet there’ll be a mod out there to fix it.

If you have Axis Football and want to try it out yourself, you can download the necessary files here.


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