The Aussie Supercars Adopts iRacing For A Professional League

The Aussie Supercars Adopts iRacing For A Professional League

Australia has always had a penchant for promoting shooters, strategy games and the FGC when it comes to esports. Sim racing often gets ignored, but that’s going to happen a lot less after today.

A couple of years ago the Aussie Supercars championship announced that they were looking to expand the real-life motorsport into a virtual professional league, as part of a bid to appeal to a younger audience. It was a logical idea: sim racers like iRacing have a strong, dedicated following, with the games robust enough that many professional drivers use the games for training.

A virtual league kicked off last year using Forza Motorsport, so the decision to implement iRacing is fairly huge. The subscription-based game has a deeper competitive backing and more Australian tracks. And, as of today, it’ll also be an official professional league run by Gfinity Australia, but separate to the franchise-based Gfinity Elite Series that featured Rocket League, CS:GO and Street Fighter 5.

Like the inaugural season of Gfinity Australia’s league, eligible players will have a series of open qualifiers. Twelve teams will then draft one player each from those qualifiers, and the players will face off over 8 rounds to be crowned the winner.

The first round for the Supercars Eseries will kick off in August and will run until the end of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, which is scheduled to end on November 24.


  • Thank god. Maybe now iRacing will add more Aussie tracks, would kill to see Sandown, Calder or Winton get added to the service

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