The Best Bargains From PlayStation's Easter Sale

Image: Kotaku

You know what public holidays are great for? Video games. And it's even better when those games are a fraction cheaper.

The PlayStation Store is offering up to 60 percent discounts on games, bundles and DLC over Easter. Some of the first party titles aren't as good as the Big W offers, but there's a range of solid indies and big names that are well worth checking out. (The Far Cry and New Dawn bundle is pretty solid, and there's some great PSVR discounts.)

You can browse the full list for yourself here, or through PSN on your console.


    I'll be waiting for the annual JRPG sale, thanks very much *rubs hands together*

    why haven't you listed Far Cry New Dawn Deluxe Edition for $40

    Hit me up if you see yakuza kiwami 2 on sale anytime soon

      It was on sale until yesterday, I think. That sale ended and got replaced by this one.

    Is it intentional on my 6" phone I need to scroll through 8 full screens worth of ad content between the bottom of the article and the comment section. :S

    I've been waiting for the HZD expansion to go on sale. YAY!

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