The English Translation Of Japan's New Imperial Era Is Also An Erotic Game Song

The Japanese government has announced that the new imperial era is Reiwa (令和). It has several meanings, but the official English translation is “Beautiful Harmony.” It’s also the name of an erotic game theme.

Japan's New Imperial Era Revealed For The First Time

Today, the Japanese government announced the name of the new imperial era: Reiwa (令和). It will replace Heisei, the name of the current imperial era.

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As Otakomu points out, when the official English translation was announced, singer Yui Sakakibara pointed out that “Beautiful Harmony” was the name of a song she sang...

Here is said opening theme song.

... which was for Bra-ban! The Bonds of Melody, an 18 years old and up erotic game with hardcore, albeit pixelated, sex scenes.

Twitter users in Japan have been posting images of what happens when they search “Beautiful Harmony” on Google.

One Twitter user pointed out that the obvious fact that the abbreviation for “Reiwa” is “R,” so I guess the erotic game connection is fitting.

“R 18", as in rated 18-and-up, will be in the year 2036, in case you are curious!


    Somehow I think that the 'Official English Translation' is not a high priority for concern when the official language of Japan is Japanese.

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