The Internet Reacts To Bran’s Smug, Creepy Face In Game Of Thrones

The Internet Reacts To Bran’s Smug, Creepy Face In Game Of Thrones
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Last night marked the return of Game of Thrones, now in its final season. Per usual, lots of viewers were entranced by the dragons and the boobs, but the standout moment for meme fodder was one character’s piercing, smug gaze.

Viewers are itching to find out how everyone is going to die brutally at the hands of the ice zombie White Walkers, but the premiere itself was more place setting than anything else, with characters reuniting or learning secrets that the audience has known a while but are world-shattering in-world. Bran Stark was generally the keeper of these secrets, and he chose to be extremely creepy about it, mostly by staring at people.

Bran had a reason for looking like a cryptic arsehole. He had spent the whole episode waiting for Jaime Lannister, the man who pushed him out of a window, paralysing him, in the very first episode.

We still don’t exactly know what Bran’s plans are, but he’s been sitting on them for a long, long time. Bran’s intense expression during his brief encounter with Jaime made fans crack up.

If you’re wondering why Bran Stark can’t just find some chill, remember, the kid has been through some shit, just like all the rest of his siblings.


    • Had to go back and check that out and for for someone who doesn’t watch GOT that was still fricken hilarious.

        • I found myself for the first time recently seriously thinking about watching it.
          I have always been a “read the book before the movie” kind of guy and I tried reading the books but only got half way through the first one. I then realised I didn’t care about any of the characters so stopped reading. So never saw the point in watching it. But I do have the urge now to give it a go.

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