The Internet Reacts To Mitch Fifield Saying NBN Is Better Now

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What's the plural for bullshit?

The answer, at least not in the technical sense, isn't the NBN. The Communications Minister Mitch Fifield seems to think the NBN is actually a vast improvement on the previous iteration, penning an op-ed for the Australian where he described it as a "failed Labor project, flawed in conception and design" that has since been "salvaged".

"The rest of the world, like Australia, had a fibre backbone to its network, but unlike Australia, used a range of technologies for the final connection. Why? Because it was cost effective and faster to do so," the minister wrote, ignoring the bit where fibre installations cost less to rollout over time, as New Zealand telco Chorus showed.

That left out the part where the telco industry is preparing for a writedown of the network that could cost up to $20 billion. Or the bit where over 180,000 FTTN users can't even get 25mbps, which is equivalent to 7.6 percent of all users connected via FTTN. Or the under-reported levels of conversion in the fixed wireless network, where one in ten users on microwave and fibre transmission are getting speeds of less than 6mbps in busy periods.

Australia Has Spoken

Earlier today NBN Co released its progress summary for the first quarter of FY2019... right when the above image was doing the rounds on the internet. How's that for timing?

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Naturally, Australian internet did not take the Minister's op-ed well.

Others replied by highlighting the quality of their service or installations.

Celebrations for the NBN's 10-year anniversary arrived not long after the government passed laws that would fine and impose jail terms on social media companies and their executives if they failed to remove abhorrent content within a reasonable time frame. The ABC revealed on Friday that social media companies were consulted about the legislation after it was passed.


    Well, I'll let you know how I feel about it the moment I stop having to rely on wireless on account of the fact that nobody in my area has it, Mitch.

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