The Making Of Wipeout's Logo, An All-Time Classic

1995's WipeOut was one of the coolest video games ever made, as we’ve previously established here, and a big part of that was down to the game’s pioneering visual style.

That went for the obvious stuff, like the ship design and team logos, but it extended right through to the game’s logo. For a very particular breakdown of why it was all so good, check out this thread by Y2K Aesthetic’s Froyo Tram:


    This... blows my mind. There's a level of genius here that is doing my head in.

    I've always loved The Designer's Republic, and they're basically the defining style of the 1990s for me. Even today, when someone wants to make something look futuristic or cyberpunk or high-tech, they tend to borrow design cues that were laid down by Anderson and his company back then.

    Also the menus in Wip3out are still the best menus in any game ever. Change my mind.


    I've found the graphic design in Wipeout to be pretty great overall. :)

    My god - the music!!!

    Started my love for chemical brothers

    I love this game

    Always loved The Designers Republic. Their work on Wipeout and especially Warp Records was amazing.

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