This Kyoto Train Sure Is Beautiful

This Kyoto Train Sure Is Beautiful

When travelling from Osaka to Kyoto, why not do it in style. Hanyu Corporation, which already operates some of the prettiest trains in Japan, is rolling out a new one called Kyo-train Garaku.

ImagePhoto: Hankyu
ImageImage: Hankyu

According to Hankyu, the term garaku contains the meaning of “gracefulness.” The cars are designed to let visitors soak up the views, and each one is connected to different seasons.

The cars are outfitted with sliding doors, miniature rock gardens, and covered in traditional fabrics, designs and tatami

The Kyo-train Garaku is in use in Umeda (Osaka) and Kawaramachi (Kyoto) during weekends between and holidays and does not cost any additional fees.

For more, check out the train’s official site.