Tokyo Restaurant’s Logo Is “Da Sh*t”

Tokyo Restaurant’s Logo Is “Da Sh*t”
Image edited by Kotaku. (Screenshot: <a href="">Durf</a>)

In Tokyo’s Akasaka, there is a fashionable-looking restaurant that serves up cuisine made with Japanese soup stock called dashi. It looks great.

It might even be so good that it’s “da shit”!

The establishment’s actual name is “Dashi Plus,” which is written in English with a plus mark that inadvertently turns “dashi” into “dashi+,” causing English speakers to see “Da shit.”

Might have been better to write that out with the word “plus” instead…

Nah. Veggies and soup stock is da shit. 


  • Reaching. The parsing and use of a different colour means that, IMO, in no way does that look like ‘da shit’.

    • And yet, when I look at it, it does indeed look like ‘da shit’.

      On the plus side (pun intended), a subtle ‘da shit’ gives the place a cool grungy vibe. If I were them, I’d roll with it.

  • I wonder if there is any English phrases or words that sound funny to Japanese speakers due to sounding similar to Japanese.

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