Twitch Suspends Streamer After IRL Incident On Another Stream

Twitch Suspends Streamer After IRL Incident On Another Stream
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Just because you’re not the one streaming doesn’t mean you won’t be held responsible.

That’s the attitude taken by Twitch recently, which has opted to shut down Japanese IRL streamer Hyubsama‘s channel following a physical altercation.

The altercation took place in the background of an IRL stream from writer, internet rapper and actor Andy Milonakis. Milonakis was walking around the streets of Tokyo, and one of his followers from chat had asked if they could tag along. Hyubsama, who had featured in most of Milonakis’s Japan streams up until that point, wasn’t aware, and seemed increasingly uncomfortable with being followed around.

After having a chat to the follower, the Japanese streamer escalated things by slapping the follower’s phone to the ground.

As explained in a follow-up stream, Milonakis told the follower that it was OK that they could come along, and that there didn’t seem to be any need for the blowup.

But Hyubsama is no stranger to controversy. The IRL streamer, who predominately broadcast from various bars and eateries around Tokyo whose channel took off around May last year, gained notoriety for admitting to his girlfriend on-stream that he’d cheated, only to continue streaming for over an hour. The stream continued despite the obvious, raw distress of his partner.

Hyubsama’s channel has since been taken down by Twitch, and he apologised on Twitter for his temper. “I understand now that it was not how an adult should have handled the situation,” he wrote. But the incident already resulted in Milonakis and others to distance themselves from the Japanese streamer. In a separate video on Thursday, the American writer and streamer questioned the repeated “arsehole” behaviour.

The critical element amongst all of this is Twitch’s decision to take action against a streamer for their actions on someone else’s stream. Twitch’s guidelines and terms of service are pretty clear when it comes to threats or the use of violence: Do so, and you’ll find yourself banned pretty quickly. But there’s no explicit clause warning users about their behaviour on other people’s streams. The terms of service note that users should not “defame, harass, abuse threaten or defraud users of the Twitch Services”, but it’s written in a way that’s targeted at the individual streamer or Twitch user.

But situations like this are also why blanket “reserve the right to suspend any account at any time” clauses exist. Maintaining standards around what people do on other streams, particularly on IRL streams and in a world where scrutiny of livestreaming is at an all-time high, matters.

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  • So did Milonakis actually check with Hyubsama if he was cool with someone he might not know following them around Tokyo?

  • What is wrong with these people? After the week I have had in games with trolls and haters and all round unpleasant people, it is almost like (well it is like) that some have really lost all sense of reality, lost all sense of humanity and replaced it with some form of ultra-real wanky drama.

    It truly isnt that hard to be a nice person.

  • Way to publish HALF the story, Kotaku…

    Both Milonakis’ AND Hyubsama’s chat were full of toxicity for the sniper guy (lexintokyo) because he was being a total jerk. Andy WAS AWARE that he was being a jerk, because he put his chat into sub-only mode to try to calm it, which made it worse because his non-subs and trolls then went to Lex’s chat and vented there.

    Lex was leering at an Asian girl at one of the bars every time she turned her head away from him, he talked loudly over the top of people at every opportunity during conversations and was acting like he knew everything about everything. He used derogatory terms to the older Japanese guys next to him in one of the bars, and he also surreptitiously turned on his stream but kept the screen black so nobody knew it was on while they were all in the bar. He did this to intentionally video the girl because he kept his stream phone mostly pointed at her, and BOTH chats saw what he was doing because there were multiple people commenting on it.

    Lex was being rude & obnoxious, and Milonakis knew it Hyubsama was definitely out of line reacting how he did, …but people including yourself are telling only HALF of the story.

    • Nice of you to leave my first comment (and probably this one) in moderation until the story isn’t worth reading any more….

    • well guest you might want to actually edit your post with an @ alexwalker otherwise he might not see this, he’s a good guy and if he has missed something he will fix it he’s done it before.

  • I feel old. I don’t understand these people who live their lives online. In fact, I kinda hate it. Who watches this and gets something out of it?

    • I know, I couldn’t think of anything worse that killing brain cells watching this abhorrent trash. Although it’s not much different to reality TV.

      Did twitch do anything about this POS admitting he cheated to his girlfriend on live stream? That would be my first clue he is a repugnant turd.

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