What Are You Playing Over The Long Weekend?

What Are You Playing Over The Long Weekend?

Ahh, Easter. It’s usually filled with some kind of chocolate, roast or family obligation. And once that’s done, it’s also the perfect opportunity to sit down and relax with some games.

I’ve been replaying Shadow of War a bit lately. I was thinking about its Nemesis system the other day, and how no other game has really given a lot of NPC enemies the same personality the way that the Nemesis system did.

So I’ll carve through that a little. Some board games would also be nice – a playthrough of Battlestar Galactica again with mates wouldn’t go astray.

What are you playing over the long weekend?


  • Going to try to get through more Sekiro this weekend! Up to a great turning point in the story. #nospoilers

    Other than that will try to finish Yoshi’s Crafted World with the wife, as annoying as jumping on each others backs is we have really been enjoying it. I play it more as a way to hang out, let my wife do the work (there are few games she is good at so I let her take charge on the easier ones) and I pick up the mistakes and take in the world as she plays.

    Might also download Anno 1800 and binge that, I heard it has steam trains!

  • Probaly a quick run-through of the Trials Rising DLC, but mostly I’m determined to finally finish the first curse in 7th Continent.

    Haven’t played Battlestar in ages, though – good idea. Might see if I can get that to the table on ANZAC Day

  • I’m replaying through the 3 new tomb raider games.

    I understand Fable 2 just got enhanced for xbox-1x… so maybe that too.

  • Not sure entirely how this happened but i’m playing through Suikoden (on Vita) with a view to playing the sequel again, whilst at the same time bashing through KoToR for perhaps the millionth time (for which the trailer this week is totally to blame!).

    Hope everyone has fun!

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      Shouldn’t be this hard if you want to drive proper engagement, this is ‘eating pizza through a straw’ levels of ridiculous.

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  • I’m picking up Final Fantasy X Remastered on Switch tonight and I’m so excited to re-visit my first FF and re-unite with Yuna and Tidus!

    • Hopefully you got an import copy from Asian which has both games on the cart and dual language. I looked at it in JB Hi-Fi, saw the Final FanService X-2 is a one use download code, shook my head and made a note to check Play-Asia.

  • I’ll be crawling my way through the dungeons of Labyrinth of Refrain, a game turning out to be one of my favourite Dungeon Crawlers. Continuing the trend, I’ll also be playing Etrian Odyssey Nexus.

  • I recently started a Zero run of Borderlands 2, for kicks, and because September is too far away.

    Eager to pick up a new game on Switch, but there are too many (admittedly gorgeous) roguelikes and Metroidvania Bullet hell games.

    Any suggestions?

    • A couple lol – Into the Breach for turn-based roguelike, also Darkest Dungeon. Gonner for platformer roguelike. Or Dead Cells (haven’t payed that myself but it’s apparently very good). Enter the Gungeon for twin stick roguelike, Nuclear Throne’s also good. Shovel Knight for platformer, Hollow Knight for metroidvania, or The Messenger for somewhere between the two.
      Personally I’d recommend Hollow Knight if you haven’t played it already. It’s fantastic.

      • Haha thanks! I was actually asking for suggestions that AREN’T Metroidvania’s or Roguelikes lol

        Hollow Knight is gorgeous, but frustrating. Most of them are. I’ll probably end up getting something chill, like a JRPG I finished a decade back. But something new would be nice :/

          • Haha no worries. HK was lovely… until I realised exactly what the requirements were to git gud, and how many hours I would have to trek back and forth, fight, die, Respawn and repeat. Ugh.

            I’ll find something 🙂

        • Try Battle chasers nightwar
          Decent art style
          Good combat system
          So so story although the characters are very nice

  • Just finished the Messenger – excellent btw. Just picked up Celeste, Enter the Gungeon, Wolfenstein II, and the new DLC for Total Warhammer II. And some BFV I imagine. Am eyeing off Below and Bad North but I’ve probably got enough on my plate rn tbh…

  • Hopefully finish off Rage on PS3. Looking forward to Rage 2 coming soon.

    Still grinding in Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita. Slowly working towards that 20,000 kill trophy.

    Probably something with the kids – Diablo III, Monopoly, Overcooked or similar.

  • Partner is recovering from hand-surgery so multi-player games (Overwatch, Fallout 76 & Far Cry New Dawn) are out.

    Single player games, Metro Exodus, Sekiro & Alien Isolation are in (maybe also The Surge).

  • Probably spend most of my time scrolling down past page after page of adds on Kotaku to get to the comments section…. Its getting ridiculous.

  • Fallout 4 hopefully! Two weeks and I’ve finally got all the texture mods (130) manually combined and installed, the enb installed and manually tweaked to something I like both day & night. All the other 200+ mods installed and the game still working, at least in the area around the vault. Still need to perfect the load order to account for conflicts, and do something about the levelled lists, as well as configure all the settings for the mods in-game via MCM, then start a new game and my journey in Boston. While hoping it continues to work. I’ve tried to keep it simple but there are always issues, my Skyrim play-through wasn’t perfect in 2017 after doing the same thing, but I did ultimately get 180 hours on that save.

    So that, plus cuddling my husband and maybe catching up on The Expanse.

  • Playing FO4. In this playthrough I have just beaten the main quest so it’s time to rebuild the Commonwealth 🙂

    • This amuses me, because I also haven’t finished the main quest yet. I was level 45 by the time I reached Diamond City in my first run and have created a dozen characters since, including Survival Mode.

      Saw the general gist of it coming a mile off, putting off anything that might make anyone unhappy with me. I just wanna make a new life keeping settlements happy, profitable and utterly impervious to raids.

      • I usually wait till around level 30 before I properly leave Sanctuary. Only going to grab Carla, Preston and Co before that

        • My absurd ‘makes sense to me!’ ritual is unlocking minute-man radiants, grab Piper, then stay within the confines of existing explored locations until maxing out her rep for the perk that gives exp bonus on discovering new locations, THEN explore frickin’ everywhere for that sweet exp boost… because it’s a shame to waste finite exploration exp if you’re not getting the perk benefit alongside it. …Absurd in a game which allows you to mass-manufacture vegetable glue exp.

  • Just finished sekiro and am planning to start the princess guide on my switch which has been sitting there since I bought it on launch day. Also finally going to finish persona 5 hopefully as I’ve been on the final palace for 6 months now. I can only feel jokers pain as it’s the 24th of December in game permanently. What’s this? Joker is out in smash? Maybe I can finish persona later….

  • Finally pulling the trigger and jumping into the remaster of the first Dark Souls. I’ve played and finished Bloodborne before, but I’m finally doing the Souls thing for the first time. Not too hard so far, but it’s early days and I’m sure I’ll reach “YARGNERRWHAAHGAAAH!” status soon enough.

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