What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's getting to that time of year when it's worth checking back in with things. I'm facing a fairly quiet weekend, so it's a good opportunity to patch some games and see what's changed.

I had a spare half hour or so last night in between doing some housework, so I patched Fallout 76 and fired it up. After going through about seven prompts asking me if I wanted to go to the Atomic Store to check out one skin or another, I eventually reacquainted myself with a wall of unresolved quests and challenges.

I also spent far too long standing at the top of an excavator waiting for waves of scorched, which seemed to only rock up every 10 minutes. Anyway, I'm keen to push through a bit more and discover what's changed. Beyond that, I'm itching to get through some indies.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Guild Wars 2. I can't believe I never played this game when it was at its peak. Such a solid MMO.

    Anno 1800 has an Open Beta this weekend so I will be giving that a go to see if the game is worth buying.

    About 10 hours into Rage and it's pretty fun. The little exploding RC cars are super fun and the levels are pretty well-designed.

    Still grinding in Dungeon Travelers 2. There are some serious end-game dungeons in that game!

    After playing a few intense action games I'm currently chilling with Labyrinth of Refrain. I have Read Only Memories 2064 on sleep on the Switch though after starting it a while ago so I might check in with that too and try to finish it off. I'm trying to actually finish games this year...

      I really should play through VA-11 Hall-A, having enjoyed Red Strings Club so much.

        VA-11 Hall-A isn't on Switch yet right? So keen

          Drops on May 2 AFAIK, maybe May 3 our time.

            Awesome! Would have bought on VITA but I really don't turn it on enough

    Trying to decide what to start. Either Yakuza Kiwami or maybe I bite the bullet and press start on Red Dead Redemption 2...

    I'll be playing the Star Wars Ep IX trailer multiple times, but after that I'm right at the end of Alien, Isolation, plus I'll dip into The Division 2, with a dash of the new Yoshi as well I think.

    My gf is travelling to The Maldives for a wedding for 10 days. I’ll probably finish BOTW in that time, or RDR2, or mop up trophies for the platinum in Until Dawn.

    Not really feeling it though :/

    I finished yoshi yesterday, so now i have to think about which game ill start playing, ive got a backlog on every console, this generation and last.
    Decisions, decisions.

    I still can't figure out why I like it so much but I haven't played another game apart from fallout 76 this year haha. So that's what I'll be playing!

    Destiny and Sekiro, mostly. Currently cleaning up before fighting the final boss in Sekiro - have a couple of optional bosses I still need to beat, some items/upgrades to buy/collect, and a couple of minibosses I skipped past here and there.

    Borrowed my daughter’s switch and downloaded Ape Out. Jazz & Gorilla ultra violence .. what’s not to like!

    Closing in on endgame in Sekiro... Then eventually back to Xeno Chronicles X and Fist of the North Star.

    DMC5 and then back to Red Dead 2 to see if I can finally complete it.

    Planning to get Fallout 4 working and start modding in preparation for my play-through. The process took 2 weeks for Skyrim a couple years ago but FO4 is already looking like more of a pain in the ass. Haven't even started yet and it already won't load a new game after being freshly installed, just gives me a blank screen and nothing I've found so far has helped. I can see this is going to be a fun process...

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