What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

For some people, the long weekend is still going. Which is handy if you need another 10 or 20 hours to carve through something.

I’ve been by myself for most of the week, since Tegan got the 10 days straight of annual leave. So most of the weekend will be spent catching up on things we typically share jointly: Game of Thrones, Killing Eve, Billions, and probably a bit of Terrace House for good measure.

But beyond that, I’ll be cleaning up some bits and pieces in the Pacific Northwest. It takes a while to trek from one mission to another in Days Gone, more so if you’re diligent about stocking up on scrap, bandages, molotovs and the like beforehand. (Ammo and stuff you can very easily buy.)

What are you playing this long weekend?


  • Siege, Division 2 getting to wt5 and probably some ac odessessy. Hitting lvl 40 and still have to complete the main story line. Currently just hunting down all the cultist in free roam so much fun.

  • Gonna try and smash out some Persona 5, do some art, and then head to Sydney for work shit and more art. I’m finding it hard to sit in front of a video game for extended peridos at the moment, but at the same time I really WANT to just binge play something.

  • Days Gone, Destiny 2 (will probably be having a few attempts at the Seriously, Never Again triumph), maybe some Division 2 (plugging away to WT5, but finding the control points to be a bit repetitive).

  • Spider man, really enjoying it as a came in with moderat expectations. That swinging never get any old.
    Also Cuphead on Switch which is infuriatingly addictive.

  • Fallout 4, I’ve gotten a few hours in during the week after finishing up the modding process last weekend. It’s been great, and looks/feels fantastic, even when getting my ass handed to me in the dark, chugging along at 40fps in heavy areas at 1440p with a 1080Ti. The price to be paid for beauty I guess.

  • Started Yuppie Psycho tonight. Will probably try get the ‘psychoanalyst” achievement in Katana Zero at some point. Might dip back into a bit of Hyper Light Drifter since KZ has got me in the mood for more neon pixel art twitch slashing. Basically, I need a break from Sekiro…

  • I’m playing ‘Removalists: Moving House 5’. You’d think they’d have fixed up some of the gameplay grind by the 5th edition but sadly, no, I think it’s gotten worse. And each game there seems to be more shit to do, as if you carry over your save file from the previous game. Other than that I’ve spent a bit of time with the remake of ‘Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy’, which I enjoyed back in the GameCube days and which feels very much a product of its time.

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