Wild Borderlands 3 Footage Appears

There's not much in the way of actual gameplay, but a short clip of pre-release Borderlands 3 footage contains shots of the updated UI, some weapons stats, and what fans can expect.

The clip, which appeared on Streamable, runs for about 26 seconds. The most interesting tidbit in the footage is the refined UI, which looks a little sleeker and more modern. Picking up new weapons displays an overlay that illustrates its six basic categories, while you get a much smaller overlay on your existing gun, showing the same raw stats but without taking up a great deal of real estate. Guns now have a handling stat, as well.

A new characteristic for grenades was also shown off. Longbow grenades, the clip shows, will teleport to their destination. Items now have item scores, as well, which sounds like a useful mechanic for end-game content (think Destiny).

Update: Following the leak, Gearbox has published the official trailer ahead of the gameplay reveal.

Claptrap's voice-over is also interesting. "Hello viewers ... you have a chance to win a copy of any loot you see here," the robot says. It echoes news from Game Informer, revealing that Borderlands 3 will support a Twitch extension that lets viewers directly inspect a streamer's item, backpack, skills and abilities at any time. The extension will let users get Borderlands 3 loot by connecting their SHiFT account to their Twitch account.

A Borderlands 3 livestream is scheduled for tomorrow, so expect more info about the game then. Borderlands 3 drops on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13.


    Pretty sure longbow grenades were in number 2, or pre-sequel.

    The only thing I want to know is if it's going to be a live service.

    If it's just more Borderlands, it'll be the first game I've preordered since Stalker: Call of Pripyat. I'll take two copies tomorrow.

    If it's Destiny: Gearbox Edition, I will never, ever play it. Not even for free.

    I've used the sale price of weapons as a pseudo gear score.
    Will be interesting to see if there are items with better gear score but lower price

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