Will You Be Changing Your PSN Name?

Will You Be Changing Your PSN Name?

After much wrangling behind the scenes, Sony is letting people change their PSN names. Question is, will you be changing yours?

For some people, their PSN ID is a little … embarrassing. So if you made a cringey name when you were younger, you now have the opportunity to change it.

But have you made peace with ButtLordXxX, or whatever weird blend of characters and numbers you came up with many moons ago? Every PSN account gets the first change for free, although the change may not work with games released after April 1, 2018.

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  • Nope, it’s a name I have across multiple accounts and I’m happy to have it.

    Although I’ve noticed lately that it’s being used elsewhere, so clearly it’s being picked up by others in search of unique, number free names.

  • I’m kind of tempted to just for a change but there’s no real need for me to so I’ll probably just keep it as is.

  • I changed, only because my name was too long winded and referenced my son ( I was a new dad when I created it and my son was my world). I actually noticed that my name I used as a kid was available so jumped straight onto that.

  • Yes although not sure what to, so maybe after many attempts of trying to select something I might just keep it. Also, a bit worried about the issues with certain games. Never played any of the critical ones but bit alarming the problems that could arise.

  • The huge numbers of ps3s and ps4s that have been sold will prob make it more difficult to choose something new that isnt carried in underscores etc

    Created mine when i got the 360 back in 2006 made it a combination of mine and my parents surnames and birthdays notnthinking we could just create our own especially considering in the last gen and older gene if it was a diff player you just chose a different save file

    My partner now barely plays and I’m quite happy to keep it

    Especially considering there are still issues with certain games the list Sony added was extensive but far from everything released I’m not sure I want to takenthr chance amdnthen have tonrebert back

  • I use an old nickname from ~30 years ago, plus my postcode. That nickname is good enough to use for characters as well, including being perfect for my bestest toon ever. Which reinforced it as a nickname for totally different reasons to the original one.

    Only reason to change would be if my postcode does, and even there it represents the city CBD I live in as much as the fact I like in the same postcode.

    Using that nickname for things might be an issue for other reasons (its also part of my main gmail name, which at tmes looks a little silly on serious applications) but theres no embarrassing reasons to change it.

    Like others though, I also wasn’t 12 when I created it. A little unaware of how the future would play out perhaps (lets face it, who is?), but not something bad enough to change.

    I might change it in future, depending on what I do once my redundancy kicks in next week, but for now, I have no reason to. That could happen to realign with whatever I end up doing in the next chapter of life.

    If I try to make games for example, I’d be branded somewhat, so might want to work with that. Like I expect @troutmonkey probably does.

  • I never got into using edgy online handles: on the IRC channels I frequented growing up, it was common for people to use their real names rather than hiding their identities.

    So when I used the single-use code that came with my PSP to create a PSN ID, I just used my real name. I don’t see much reason to change it.

  • I did it the second it launched. I made mine when I was 12, named after a song, that makes precisely zero sense out of context. I end up having to explain it to everyone I’ve ever played online with. Now all my online accounts are the same (or similar), just the way my perfectionist self likes it.

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