YouTuber Uses Fan Made Tools To Showcase Unused Content In New Super Mario Bros. U

YouTuber Uses Fan Made Tools To Showcase Unused Content In New Super Mario Bros. U

Popular Mario superfan and YouTuber, Ceave Gaming, recently made a video showcasing some of the unfinished and cut content hidden in New Super Mario Bros. U. Ceave used a fan-made level editor for the game to show the unused content.

Ceave used the fan-created level and game editor, named Miyamoto after Mario’s creator, to dig deep into the game’s files and get some of the cut content working again in the game.

Some of the more interesting pieces of cut content include tumbling ice blocks, which work perfectly when added back into the game. These ice blocks flip and flop in a certain pattern and according to Ceave, these cut blocks are basically complete and finished. Why they were cut is unknown.

Another type of cut block is also icy. Smaller ice blocks that slide across the level were cut, though similar looking blocks that don’t move are found in the game. Ceave believes that these blocks were cut because of the slippery ice surface which might have made it too tricky to jump on and makes movement on them feel sloppy.


A smaller item that was cut are these strange floating blocks. These blocks only work when placed on water. Why these were cut is anybody’s guess, but they do look odd and out place. They clip into nearby blocks in a way that looks too messy for a Mario game.

A surprising number of visual filters, backgrounds, and enemies were cut too. The snowy particle effects that were cut are really interesting because they look so nice and seem like a perfect fit for snowy levels.

The entire video is interesting and as always Ceave is entertaining to watch and listen to and it should be noted, Ceave is an extremely talented Mario player.

Not long ago he was able to beat a Mario game without collecting a single coin. He has also beaten Mario games while doing other strange challenges, like getting the lowest score possible.