A Mortal Kombat Movie Is Being Filmed In South Australia

The South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has announced this afternoon that there's another Mortal Kombat movie in the works - and it's being filmed in Adelaide.

Pre-production is expected to begin on the project sometime this month. According to ABC Adelaide reporter Claire Campbell, who was present at the launch, the video game spin-off movie will generate around 580 jobs for the state, along with $70 million for the South Australian economy.

More to come...


    Wait... "Mortel Kombat"? (in the quoted tweet)

      There's a follow-up tweet from journalist acknowledging the typo. Too bad there's no window to edit tweets for problems like that.

        I'd love Mattel Kombat. Barbie vs He-Man... ready, go!

      Was hoping it might be some sort of off-brand knock off with Johnny gauge, sanyo, loo kang and kino

    Adelaide huh? That's probably the closest you'll get on Earth to the Netherrealm so I guess it's appropriate ;)

      You're insulting my home town?

      I have to consult the Elder Gods.

      You clearly haven't been in Hobart on a Friday night then

    There is a new fatality in the film, where Scorpion puts Sub Zero’s body in a barrel...

      ... then makes the brief journey home to his reasonably-priced home and kicks back and chills the f out with a nice glass of red.



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