A Wild Redout 2 Prototype Appeared At Computex

A Wild Redout 2 Prototype Appeared At Computex
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Of all the anti-gravity racers trying to revive Wipeout on PC, Redout is certainly the flashiest. The game came out a few years ago, although it’s been recently ported to the Switch.

What hasn’t come out is any news of a sequel, with developers 34BigThings more recently working on Redout: Space Assault. But out of nowhere, a Redout 2 prototype was playable at a Computex booth.

I spotted Redout 2 when walking around the Nangang exhibition floor, the largest of the Computex convention halls. It was running on a PC at a vendor brand that I haven’t seen in Australia — Computex is filled with plenty of companies that don’t ship to Australia — but then I had to do a quick double-take.

The PC and logos were very clearly saying Redout 2. I didn’t remember Redout 2 being announced, with the only recent news from Italian devs 34BigThings being the indefinite delay of Redout: Space Assault.

So I went up for a closer look, and lo and behold, it was supposedly a prototype demo of Redout 2. The race track is one that was released as part of Redout‘s DLC — the Back to Earth pack, which launched just before Christmas 2017.

Language barriers meant I couldn’t communicate with anyone who was around the booth, so there’s no explanation as to why a prototype of Redout 2 was on this PC. There’s also the possibility that was an early prototype of what was supposed to be Redout 2 that was postponed for other projects, or that the track was meant to be part of Redout 2 and ended up being released as DLC instead.

Regardless of what the answer is, it was nice to sit down and play some Redout again. Not what I expected to find at Computex, but finding things you didn’t expect is always part of the fun.

The author travelled to Computex as a guest of ASUS and Intel.

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