Ah, If Only These Nintendo Games Were Real

Ah, If Only These Nintendo Games Were Real

It’s that time of year again! Time for indie Japanese games store Meteor to hold their annual Famicase exhibition, which asks artists from all over the world to create cartridge art for NES/Famicom games that don’t actually exist.

These are all available to check out in-person if you’re nearby (the store is in Tokyo), but since most of us are not, we can just enjoy everything from a distance.

You can check out the entire gallery at Meteor’s site, but I’ve included a selection of highlights below to get us started. Kotaku reader Vittorio Giorgi even (once again) got a feature, with No. 53, called ABARENBOU RINGO – FCメモリカセットの中の暴れん坊りんご.


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