Artist Fixes Live-Action Sonic The Hedgehog

Image: EdwardPun1

Edward Pun is a talented artist at Sucker Punch, makers of Ghost of Tsushima, Infamous and more. His quick fix for the live-action Sonic is excellent.

Here is how the original and Pun’s reworking compare:

I think he nailed Sonic, avoiding the creepy Uncanny Valley of the movie version.

Now, if he could fix live-action Sonic’s teeth, that would be great!

For more, check out Pun’s Twitter and Instagram


    This looks much less like a naked man with feather duster fluff glued to him.

    Honestly, I don't know why they wouldn't go with a highly stylised version. It's not like they're chasing realism.

      This is what really bothers me. It is /clearly/ not a real hedgehog that for some reason got blue and superspeedy. It is an otherworldly creature that's neither human or animal. So if they are going to go for "otherworldy"... why not keep the cartoon design?

    Imagine if they'd always had a proper Sonic produced and the ugly Sonic was generated specifically for posters and the trailer to get three times the publicity it otherwise would have received.

    I'm not sure making Sonic look good is going to solve the movie's problems.

    Maybe they accidentally released the trailer in the wrong aspect ratio.

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